"She introduced what looked like an effortless teaching/learning process, which produced fantastic results.  We were truly amazed - there was nothing forceful and Thomas truly enjoyed the lessons and the ability to actually start performing pieces...  THANK YOU TALITHA!" A Mother - Den Haag, 2018


Lute Lessons


Lute is an instrument once played throughout Europe untill the end of the 18th century. Today it is becoming popular again, also among children. There are countless kinds and sizes of lutes available, and a variety of styles of music to enjoy on them. Studying the lute enriches the mind through music and living history! Lessons will be given by both modern and traditional lute tutors, and includes customized learning materials as well. Trios, consort music, and singing are also available options in lessons for all ages and levels.


- From beginners to advanced - 

Beginners are advised to start with the lute tutor book “Method for renaissance lute (A. Damiani).”

- For children - 

Lesson materials include publications for children by the French Lute Society and Alfred Basic Music Theory, as well as customized lesson materials. We will play many duets at the beginning: one song that you already know, and one that is new for you. You can bring pieces that you want to play, too (or sing!) Read more here.


- Group lessons -

Group lessons are for 3 or more people and are for all levels. It is a wonderful way to learn to play music and to gain many other skills while having fun: teamwork, communication, musical connectivity, observance, and more.

For advanced students this could also take place as a continuo lesson.

Lutes are available for rent starting from size for approx. 5-6 y/o (48cm.)

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